In Garage Storm Shelters

Our below ground, in-garage floor Storm Shelters have been designed to the highest FEMA/ICC Standards and durability. Listed below are features of our In Ground Garage/Carport Shelters.

  • 3 Sized to accommodate your families needs
  • Exterior removable handle for entry/exit assistance
  • Fan and light combo for forced air ventilation
  • Steel Steps removable for extra seating space
  • Leak tested 3 times before leaving manufacturer
  • Completely encased in concrete
  • Impact tested at Texas Tech Wind and Debris Lab
  • Flush door design- no lost garage space

Sizes and dimensions below:


3' x 6' - 54" tall

REGULAR SIZE- 3X6- 54″ Tall 



MEDIUM SIZE- 4×7- 54″ Tall


X-Large- 5x8- 60" Tall

X-Large- 5×8- 60″ Tall