Severe Storms and How to Protect Your Family

protecting from stormsLiving anywhere has its ups and downs. As you decide where you want to live you’ll have to deal with the fact that some cities are more expensive, others are far from the people you know and love and some have few job opportunities. You may find a location that seems perfect at first, but you must be wary of serious issues that may still exist. One potentially deadly danger is dangerous weather.

Throughout the US and the wider world there are many locations where the weather is livable 364 days a year but as many people have discovered it only takes one day for things to turn to disaster. You need to look into whether you are at risk for flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes or other natural disasters.

Doing Your Research

There are a lot of dangers that a home may face and it’s unrealistic to try and prepare for absolutely all of them. If you don’t live near any mountains then you shouldn’t be spending much money preparing for a volcanic eruption. The best way to prepare for what may come is to look at the recent history of the region you live in, because if it’s happened in the past few decades it may happen again in the next few.

For example, if you live along a large body of water you should plan for flooding. If you live in the area known as “Tornado Alley,” in the South and Midwest, then you should have a tornado plan. If you live near the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico then Hurricane preparation is worthwhile. Of course you want to be as specific as possible, search for weather news for your city and any nearby and you’ll get a sense of what you should be preparing for.

There’s no one right way to prepare for severe weather. If you start by figuring out what you need to protect yourself from you’ll be able to make better decisions every step of the way.

The Value of A Storm Shelter

Once you’ve determined what you might face it’s essential that you create a plan of action for when disaster strikes. When you first hear that a disaster may be on its way what will you do?

Depending on the threat and its timing you may be able to escape its path, but what will you do if you are stuck on your property? Every year a tragic number of people are trapped in their homes without proper protection, often driving them to seek shelter only to get caught in the storm. If you don’t want this to happen to you then you need to seriously consider acquiring a storm shelter.

A storm shelter is a structure built on your property that is designed to protect anyone inside from whatever is going on outside. They can be built inside your home or outside, above ground or below ground. Ultimately the best design for your property depends on your home and your needs.

Huntsville Storm shelters at Rhodes Construction offers many sizes and features to choose from.

Your home should be your castle, don’t let it turn into a trap. When you have a properly built shelter on your property you know you can find safety at a moment’s notice. It’s important to be vigilant but tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires don’t always give advance notice.

Getting Proper Insurance

Creating an evacuation plan, building a storm shelter and taking other precautionary steps will help ensure your family’s safety and minimize damage but if you are hit by a disaster there will be destruction. That’s why insurance is important, you don’t want to be forced to start again from square one.

Once again any research you’ve done during this process will come in handy as you shop for insurance. If you know the risks you’re most likely to face then you can invest in a way that is most likely to pay off. There are some less reputable insurance agents who will try and get you to spend big on plans you aren’t likely to need while downplaying the policies that they might actually pay out on. After all they are looking out for their interests, just remember that you are the one who has to look out for yourself and your family first and foremost.

With insurance settled you should have covered before, during and after a storm. There’s plenty more that you can do but these steps will make sure you have the basics covered.

Hope for the Best but Plan for the Worst

As you consider the very real dangers that exist in this world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s completely normal, you should be concerned about the safety and well-being of you and your family. But you also have to know that you can’t stop bad things from happening, there is nowhere on earth that is completely safe. What you can do is take things one step at a time, making sure that you are prepared for the most likely threats.

If you live in an area that has experienced severe weather in the past and may see it again in the near future your first order of business needs to be planning for the safety of you and your family. After that you can worry about insuring your property. Homes can be rebuilt and you can buy new thing things, its people who can’t be replaced and there is a lot you can do to protect them. Building a storm shelter is one of the best steps you can make towards that goal.

All Rhodes Construction Safe Rooms are 1/4 inch Steel. They Meet and exceed FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 guidelines. Call (256) 464-3736 or come in to see our line up of storm shelters