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How To Be Safer in a Safe-Room

Optional Box Seat

Every home should have a safe-room inside or on the premises where people can go to in times of crisis. Whether it’s a storm or a home invasion situation the worst feeling in the word is feeling unprepared and helpless. Fortunately you don’t have to wait around for trouble to come your way, by investing in a safety room you can ensure that you have somewhere to turn when trouble rears its

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What You Should Have In Your Storm Shelter

tornado storm is coming

In this life you need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That’s what having a storm shelter is about, you never want to use it but in case of emergency you’ll be glad you have it. Simply having one on your property is fine for protecting yourself and your family from a storm, but what will you do if that storm lasts for an extended period of time? Continue reading