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Storms and Tornado Damages

tornados and storms

Since the days before recorded history humans have sought out shelter to protect them from nature. High temperatures, low temperatures, heavy wind and rain all drove the creation of newer and sturdier structures. Today we have gotten so good at building homes to keep out the weather that it’s easy to forget how dangerous it can be. Even cheaper homes can now safely deal with the vast majority

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How To Be Safer in a Safe-Room

Optional Box Seat

Every home should have a safe-room inside or on the premises where people can go to in times of crisis. Whether it’s a storm or a home invasion situation the worst feeling in the word is feeling unprepared and helpless. Fortunately you don’t have to wait around for trouble to come your way, by investing in a safety room you can ensure that you have somewhere to turn when trouble rears its

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Comparing Safe Rooms and In-Ground Storm Shelters


When you hear the word storm shelter what image comes to your mind? For many people the assumption is that a proper shelter must be built underground. This can be a comforting or frightening thought, depending on who you are. No one likes the thought of being stuck in a small room with a wild storm outside, and it’s no surprise that for many the thought of being underground just adds to the

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Severe Storms and How to Protect Your Family

protecting from storms

Living anywhere has its ups and downs. As you decide where you want to live you’ll have to deal with the fact that some cities are more expensive, others are far from the people you know and love and some have few job opportunities. You may find a location that seems perfect at first, but you must be wary of serious issues that may still exist. One potentially deadly danger is dangerous weather

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