asked people to be vigilant

Blizzard also revealed changes to Overwatch itself that should make it easier to watch the game. Spectators have been given a new “smart” third person camera that automatically frames the action, a top down view that makes it easier to suss out players’ positions on the map, and detailed statistics that can help track teams’ performances. Those updates should make broadcasting the fast paced game a little less hectic..

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You wake up this morning to the troubling events in New York and New Jersey, please rest assured we have been monitoring the situation throughout the night, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement released on Twitter. He said police had taken steps to ensure the Emmys and the football game would be safe, and asked people to be vigilant. Both events took place without incident..

“I feel passionately about sharing this photo, and I posted it on New Year’s Day because that’s when we make all kinds of resolutions about how we want to change our bodies. We resolve to lose 20lbs, flatten our bellies, or finally shrink to a size 6. The craziest part is that for many, these goals aren’t even our own.

But once you’re in your car, you drive all over the place. When I started, I was spending more than $100 to fill up the tank of my Ford F150 around four times a month. Once I started riding, I was only filling up once a month and saving around $300 monthly.

He has come back with a vengeance, and now has a chance to wear the British colours in Sarajevo. “I am excited, of course, although all of the guys have been complaining of how horrible (Sarajevo) is,” Bantock admitted. “I think it will be a really cool experience to visit that area of the world.” Bantock is eligible to play for Great Britain because his father, Chip, is originally from England.

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